Monday, 12 March 2018

Your Favourite Flower Describes Your Personality

Have you ever thought why you like one flower more over the other? Perhaps no! Don’t you wonder why somebody’s choice is orchid and not rose, which indeed is loved by most people on the planet? Well, let us tell you that your choice of flowers describes your traits and personality as different flowers carry different qualities, meanings and traits. It is believed that a person’s flower choice indicates that they have many traits related to the flower they like. This post brings the traits and meanings different flowers associate with them.


Did you know that carnations are said to be amongst the oldest cultivated flowers on the earth? Available in various shades, these flowers make a perfect combo of lovely colours for gifting purpose. So, if you love carnations, here is which traits you take from these lovely flowers.
  • You give your 100% to your relations.
  • People love to spend time with you.
  • You are a very genuine person.
  • People need you in tough times.
  • You’re easy to understand and down-to-earth.
  • You take care of people very nicely.
  • You choose to lead a simple life.


So wonderfully designed, lilies mean purity, royalty and rebirth. No flower bouquet is complete without the elegance of lilies. If it counts in your favourite flowers, let’s see what kind of personality you are.
  • You give and receive love.
  • You get respect everywhere you go.
  • Your sense of style is well appreciated.
  • You’re always ready to help people.
  • You have a kind heart.
  • You’re very friendly and perfectly fit with people from any age group.


Rose does not need an introduction. The most pampered and loved flower, rose is favourite of most flower lovers. If you’re in love with rose, check below.
  • You are a very romantic person.
  • You motivate others a lot.
  • You add charm wherever you go and people want your presence in occasions.
  • You’re an adventurous and lively person.
  • At the same time, you have pure and true heart.
  • People love you.


When somebody talks about daisies, what they mean is a round flower with white or yellow/ white or blue combination. Is daisy your favourite flower? Below is a brief description about you.
  • White daisies with yellow centre symbolize innocence, so be happy that you have innocence deep hidden within you.
  • You’re an adventurous, nature loving and active person.
  • You’re an optimistic person.
  • You cherish your relations.
  • Your love is so true and pure.
  • You spread happiness.
  • You’re an ideal example of loyal person.


Common yet beautiful, sunflower symbolizes power, long life, admiration, happiness and good luck. If sunflower is your favourite, this is how you are.
  • You’re all the time very happy, warm and cheerful.
  • You’re very optimistic and give positive vibes to others.
  • You’re very active and energetic.
  • You are best of friends to most people.
  • Your presence makes places vibrant.


Simple yet graceful, tulip means perfection, prosperity and charity. Below given briefly describes the personality of those who are in love with tulips.
  • You’re sensitive and charitable.
  • You like to talk to people.
  • You try your level best in whatever you do.
  • You love travelling.
  • You are a happy person.
  • You don’t fear changes in life.

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